Designing Business Cards

Designing Business Cards

I’ve been playing around on Photoshop a bit as I’ve been having the urge to design my mom some new business cards, frustrated with the awful options she was faced with when trying to choose from ready-made templates. I was definitely reaching for inspiration for her window treatment business, but also ended up creating these samples.

This was my first time:

  • Drawing shapes with the pen tool (previously very confusing to me)
  • Creating the mannequin shape by tracing with the pen tool; shading and highlighting the mannequin to give more dimension
  • Using appropriate standards if it were to be sent off to the printers
  • Using smart objects
  • Warping text and manipulating layers to make written text look more realistic
  • Overall: rendering a realistic mockup

I didn’t realize how much Photoshop could render and even something like creating a 3D stack of cards was so fascinating; it’s really just illusion, being clever with shading/highlighting and perspective!


I’m pretty pleased with the results and listed it on my humble Etsy shop for now.

Here are a couple recommend these videos if anyone else was interested in learning, too: